Geographical points (stations, objects.. ) can be tagged with keywords that can be used in searching or more semantics can be defined in filter profile scripts.

Tags can ble single words or composite words with the '.' as a delimiter. A composite tag x.y implies the prefix x, for example a tag 'APRS.infra' also means 'APRS'.

Tags can be set manually or automatically. In the filter profile script it is possible to define rules for automatic tagging (AUTOTAG), based on various attributes or tags already set on the points. Some automatic tagging are also hardcoded into the system. Tags that are set manually can be removed manually. If you try to remove manually a tag that is set automatically, a negative tag (prefixed with a '-') will be added that neutralizes its effect. A negative tag can be removed.

Manual tags are prefixed with a '+' by the system. Users don't usually see this prefix.

Tags can in principle be freely chosen, but the system administrator should consider publishing what tags that actually give a meaning (a controlled vocabulary) and users should use those tags instead of inventing their own. When doing manual tagging the already used tags are listed and can easily be selected. It is also a good idea to standardise some tags to support interoperability between different Polaric Server instances.

Tags that are added manually, are propagated to other servers connected via the remote control protocol.

Tags that are set by Polaric Aprsd:

  • 'APRS.infra': Node is classified as active APRS infrastructure
  • 'APRS.infra.igate': Node is also classified as an igate
  • 'APRS.infra.wdigi': Node is also classified as a wide digipeater
  • 'APRS.telemetry': Node sends APRS telemetry
  • 'own': Object is owned/generated by this Polaric Server instance.

Tags that are set by AIS plugin:

  • 'AIS.SAR': Search and Rescue vessel (code 51)
  • 'AIS.medical': Ambulance/medical (code 58)
  • 'AIS.law': Law enforcement (code 55)
  • 'AIS.special': Other special vessel types (code 5x)
  • 'AIS.passenger': Various kinds of passenger vessels (code 4x, code 6x).
  • 'AIS.cargo': Cargo vessels (code 7x)
  • 'AIS.tanker': Tankers ( code 8x).

Proposed general tags:

  • 'SAR': The point of interest is involved in a SAR operation.
  • 'OPEN': The point of interest should be visible for all users.
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