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-===== Operating system ​=====+===== Polaric Server ​=====
-**Raspbian Buster** works very well. Use the light version (headless)You may have to connect it to a sceen and a keyboard ​to run //raspi-confg// and activate ssh logins. After this is done, use ssh to login. If your PC and the PI is on the same LAN, mDNS can be used to find the IP of the pi. If the hostname of the pi is //'raspberrypi'// it can be connected like this. +Follow ​the [[:install.dev|instructions here]] ​to install Polaric-aprsd ​and Polaric-webapp. To use the Direwolf radio interface, you should configure the radio channel as '''​TCPKISS'''​ type, set the hostname ​to //localhost// and port number ​to the same you configured ​the ''​KISSPORT''​ setting in Direwolf.
-<​code>​ +
-ssh pi@raspberrypi.local +
- +
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